"We understand the unique challenges facing our clients in Alaska - wherever they may be."

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When your business or organization needs readily accessible space, and time to occupancy is a critical consideration, there's no better resource in Alaska than Williams Scotsman Inc.

Managing the logistical challenges of this considerably unique location is what we do. From rainforest to sub-arctic regions, Alaska is a vast, isolated area with virtually no infrastructure, but if your operation requires mobile modular space or a Workforce Man Camp, Williams Scotsman Inc. is there to deliver.

Unique to the region:

Alaska's extreme environment and geography create a lot of unique challenges. The western part of the state is only accessible by barge or sea lift, and requires the right equipment, chartering the right transportation, and overcoming tides, ice, and seasonal extremes. Once it's on site, our product is tailored to withstand punishing weather and the rigors of operation at remote locations.

In Alaska, Williams Scotsman is the
#1 supplier of mobile office space and workforce housing to projects in the oil & gas, and mining industries, as well as large civil, industrial and commercial construction, government, education and defense/military.

What works in one region of the country may not work in another; that's why our fleet is specialized across our unique distribution network, and why our national team is made up of local experts who work directly with you to deliver the best modular product for your business.

Complete Service Offering

Williams Scotsman Inc. is your single-source provider for every amenity associated with your office unit or modular building, and your representative in Alaska will handle every detail, from specifications to bid submission, from project management to financing, and from installation and maintenance to relocation and removal.

Our turn-key services include:

  • Extremely durable and consistent product
  • Knowledgeable reps with extensive local experience
  • Efficient and effective customer service
  • Willscot That's The WillScot Advantage in Alaska

    For a direct connection to your local representative in Alaska, please call 1-800-782-1500.

    What We Offer

    We're all
    about the box We're all about the box

    Design is in the details. From concept to completion, having full control over the quality of
    our product means we build the best modular buildings in the industry.

    We're leading
    the way We're not satisfied until you are

    Providing our customers with the latest advancements in modular building construction. That's innovation - and it's just what we do.

    We're not satisfied
    until you are We're not satisfied until you are

    Our customers expect the best service, quality, and value... we've listened, and we're here to deliver. We have what you need, when you need it, and where you need it. Guaranteed.

    Work Safe,
    Go Home Safe Work Safe, Go Home Safe

    Our safety philosophy is an unparalleled commitment to a safe and healthy work environment.