FAQs About Modular Buildings: Get the Facts

Q: What is modular construction?

Q: What are the benefits of building modular?

Q: Are modular buildings as sturdy as stick-built buildings?

Q: Is modular construction more expensive?

Q: Does modular result in an inflexible building design and a limited choice of materials?

Q: What is the cost of a modular building?

Q: Is there a size limitation with modular buildings?

Q: What is typical delivery turn-around for a modular building?

Q: Can modular buildings be customized?

Q: Does Williams Scotsman of Canada, Inc. oversee the onsite installation?

Q: Does installation require skilled labor?

Q: What are the financial advantages of modular buildings?

Q: Do your buildings come with a warranty?

Q: What fire protection options are available?

Q: What equipment options do you offer?

Q: How will you work with me to determine custom requirements?

Q: What building standards do modular buildings meet?

Q: What building materials are used in modular buildings?

Q: Is mould a concern when constructing a building?

Q: What sort of energy efficiency can I expect?

Q: What's the difference between modular and prefabricated buildings?

Q: What are the latest design innovations in modular? Am I limited to "box" designs?


We're all
about the box We're all about the box

Design is in the details. From concept to completion, having full control over the quality of
our product means we build the best modular buildings in the industry.

We're leading
the way We're not satisfied until you are

Providing our customers with the latest advancements in modular building construction. That's innovation - and it's just what we do.

We're not satisfied
until you are We're not satisfied until you are

Our customers expect the best service, quality, and value... we've listened, and we're here to deliver. We have what you need, when you need it, and where you need it. Guaranteed.

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Our safety philosophy is an unparalleled commitment to a safe and healthy work environment.