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The history of our company is steeped in ingenuity and innovation.

At Williams Scotsman of Canada, Inc., we're committed to continuous research and development, pioneering advancements in our industry, and leveraging new technologies to enhance the experience customers have with our products. In doing so, we're able to provide our customers with the most viable options to suit their various needs and project requirements.

We also optimize the quality of our product and provide the best customer care in the modular building industry by applying aspects of LEAN philosophy to many of our work processes.


"This is not like your average, eight foot wide steel shipping container..."

Williams Scotsman of Canada, Inc. is the only provider in Canada actively building brand new, 12-foot wide, custom built All-Steel modules; and we're the first to do it with a lease fleet.

The "all-steel" module will change the mobile modular business in Canada...and Williams Scotsman is leading the way.

The latest innovation in our exceptional product offering is the Williams Scotsman All-Steel Module. Unique in the industry, these units are not just modified sea containers; they are brand new, wider, and manufactured to incorporate the latest in building technology.

Ideally suited to workforce camp and resource based applications, these heavy-duty units are unmatched in the industry for project sites demanding an exceptionally well made and extremely hard-wearing product.


  1. Heavy exterior metal and easy maintenance, i.e. paint: Increased exterior lifespan
  2. Closed cell insulation creates complete seal: Increased R-Values and no poly vapor barrier required
  3. Interior steel studs and ceiling joists: Dramatically reduced possibility of mould and mildew
  4. Mag board on the interior walls: Natural resistance to mould and mildew, increased fire resistance and structurally stronger
  5. Closed cell insulation on the exterior walls, floors and ceilings: Increased noise reduction
  6. Increased fire resistance on exterior walls
  7. Extremely durable in multiple transport situations as opposed to traditional wood framed units

Whether your project requires workforce housing or a modular office space, the Williams Scotsman All-Steel Module is easily transported, stackable, and can be modified to suit any application. Plus, along with our superior product line, this latest advancement in mobile modular buildings meets all Canadian and American Building Codes & Standards, and complies with Part 10 of Division B of the Alberta Building Code.

Contact your local representative for more information.


LEAN is a journey, not a destination; we improve something, somewhere, every day.

Our customers expect the best service, quality, and value...
...we've listened, and we're here to deliver.

LEAN management is centered on the elimination of waste by examining processes and striving for continual improvement. It is a long-term philosophy of engaging people in a work culture where respect for co-workers, teamwork, training and education, as well as active support of management and a commitment to continuous improvement are the pillars of success.

The best customer experience is our objective. Incorporating LEAN thinking and solutions is one innovative way we deliver. At Williams Scotsman of Canada, Inc., we embrace concepts of LEAN management in our work processes to help us to determine where we focus, what we do, and how we do it.

Working in this way provides us with clear direction driven by customer input. It helps us streamline our operations, allows us to identify and incorporate efficiencies, and supports reduced costs as well as increased outputs. The result is a consistently high quality product and the best overall customer experience.

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Providing our customers with the latest advancements in modular building construction. That's innovation - and it's just what we do.

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Our customers expect the best service, quality, and value... we've listened, and we're here to deliver. We have what you need, when you need it, and where you need it. Guaranteed.

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