A Little Bit About Us

Proudly Canadian, Williams Scotsman of Canada, Inc. shares the mission of its parent company, Algeco Scotsman:

"To be a leading global business services provider focused on modular space and storage solutions."

Williams Scotsman of Canada, Inc. is solidly grounded in the legacy of providing outstanding product quality and innovation, exceptional commitment to customers, effectual management of business operations, and the ability to attract and retain the industry's most talented staff and management team.

We strive to promote the ease of doing business globally and locally, to focus on customer service excellence, and to utilize the strength and efficiency of global purchasing power.


Expansion to the North

Our history in Canada is somewhat recent, however
Williams Scotsman of Canada, Inc. has confidently become a
viable, competitive, and consistent provider of mobile modular
units to every industry nationwide.

Williams Scotsman of Canada, Inc. eagerly opened the doors of our first Canadian branch in Toronto, Ontario in November 1998. The greenfield operation quickly attracted experienced professionals who were dedicated and driven to grow the company and grow with the company. We expanded our operations organically and successfully developed new competitive product with a great deal of autonomy and independence from our American counterpart, Williams Scotsman. Through strategic acquisition, we also gained an immediate presence in several local markets. This foothold permitted the exciting development of our key product line in Canada: workforce camps.

Our growth has been rapid and we are enthusiastically focused on the future. We are proud to service communities across Canada and Alaska from our current branch offices in:

Fast-forward to today, and we continue expansion to more centres to meet the demand of regional market needs. We also continue to grow the size of our rental fleet to better serve all aspects of the relocatable building market.

A Brief History Lesson: The Early Days

"This invention relates to vehicles and more particularly to a trailer specifically designed to provide a portable office which may be located where ever such facilities are desired."

- From U.S. Patent Office application filed on February 19, 1952 by A.V. Williams

Founded in 1944, Williams Mobile Offices originally sold construction trailers small enough to be towed by a car. Conceptualized during development of the mid-Atlantic corridor of Interstate-95 in the U.S., general contractor, Alberta Vaughn Williams recognized the importance of centralized onsite meeting space to review blueprints, resolve issues and discuss progress, so he created a temporary onsite workspace - the mobile office was conceived out of this realization, and the idea for a space solutions company was born.

By May 1954, Williams patented the technology used to build the mobile office and later began selling and leasing mobile offices and mobile storage containers to other businesses in the construction industry. The company continued to expand operations throughout the United States during the 1960s, and by the 1980s began to manufacture and install modular office structures in one story or multiple story designs with complex architectural dimensions, uniquely aesthetic exterior considerations, and distinct interior options.

Meanwhile, founded in 1945, Scotsman Manufacturing Co. manufactured recreational vehicles for rental companies on the west coast of the U.S. As manufacturers started offering larger structures with amenities such as toilets and showers in 1965, the company leased these structures to movie studios for dressing rooms, and eventually entered into the market for modular office structures.

Two Mobile Giants Merge

In 1990, Williams Scotsman was formed through the merger of Williams Mobile Offices/Modular Structures and Scotsman Manufacturing Co. thus joining the geographically disparate operations for the purpose of developing a national company. As a result of significant organic growth and strategic acquisitions since the mid-1990s, Williams Scotsman now operates in nearly 80 locations throughout North America and serves more than 25,000 customers in 450 diverse industries.

Expansion to International Business Operations

In 2007, Williams Scotsman became a subsidiary of Algeco Scotsman Group, the leading global business services provider focused on modular space and secure storage solutions managing a fleet of more than 345,000 units, with operations or affiliates in over 37 countries.

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About Us

We're all
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Design is in the details. From concept to completion, having full control over the quality of
our product means we build the best modular buildings in the industry.

We're leading
the way We're not satisfied until you are

Providing our customers with the latest advancements in modular building construction. That's innovation - and it's just what we do.

We're not satisfied
until you are We're not satisfied until you are

Our customers expect the best service, quality, and value... we've listened, and we're here to deliver. We have what you need, when you need it, and where you need it. Guaranteed.

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Our safety philosophy is an unparalleled commitment to a safe and healthy work environment.