Green Initiatives

At Williams Scotsman of Canada, Inc. we demonstrate our commitment to sustainability and the environment by supplying eco-friendly product to our Canadian and Alaskan customers, and rigorously adhering to our comprehensive environmental policy.


Meeting demand for green modular space: our company is one of the first multi-national companies to incorporate sustainable design technology into its product portfolio.

At Williams Scotsman of Canada, Inc., we understand the importance of balancing environmental issues with customer needs and economic considerations. Our modular buildings are inherently sustainable because the Concurrent Construction™ process used to build them minimizes construction waste and maximizes quality control. We increasingly use environmentally safe products and materials in the preparation of our units, and we focus on reducing our consumption of utilities and managing waste through segregation and recycling.

We offer our customers multiple options to "green" their project sites on an as-needed basis. Some of our specific eco-features and improvements include:

  • Energy and water consumption reduction
  • Insulation value on standard fleet units: Walls R20; Floors - R32
  • Efficient glazing components (2 pane windows)
  • Auto shut-off and spray nozzle water taps
  • Integration of solar and other renewable energy systems
  • Energy saving ballasts and low-energy bulbs
  • Wall switches with motion sensors
  • Building HVAC system upgrades
  • Solar shades and window film
  • Programmable thermostats
  • Reclaimed water systems
  • On demand hot water tanks
  • Thermal blinds
  • Fully automated and winterized on-board sewage and water systems (lavatory units)
  • Use of increasingly more water-based paints and adhesives

Our goal is to support your environmental sustainability objectives while being economically viable and socially responsible. By working in partnership with leading architectural firms, we research and develop new technologies and building innovation to continuously bring green concepts to market.

Ask your local sales representative about these and other energy conservation solutions.


The proper safeguard of our environment is of the utmost importance to Williams Scotsman of Canada, Inc. and we consider the appropriate protection of humans, animals, plant life, air, water, and soil in the day-to-day management of our company.

We believe our goals on the job can be met without risking harm to the environment, and we have developed and continue to develop good environmental standards in accordance with relevant legislation. We expect our people to do their best to prevent harm to the environment, and we enforce our environmental standards by keeping our people informed on how to do their jobs in such a manner as to cause minimum environmental harm and waste of materials.

Our policies take into consideration the use, storage, and disposal of products in a manner providing appropriate protection to the environment, and, where possible, we recycle and promote the use of recycled products.

The Williams Scotsman of Canada, Inc. Environmental, Health & Safety Manual outlines our policy for waste management and the environment; in addition, we comply with any applicable health, safety, and environmental standards required by our clients' respective site(s) greater than our own written policies and procedures. Furthermore, we require all subcontractors to comply with all of our rules, regulations, and policies in addition to those of our clients while performing work for our company.

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